Pinion, a Yonkers native, gained the backing of New Yorks Republican party at its convention on Long Island on Monday, with the hope that his vision for New York can successfully stake up againstSchumer, whos a 23-year Senate veteran and a staple ofnational Democratic politics. She will be one of the nations first openly lesbian governors. Officials say the timing of results will depend on how many people return their ballots at the last minute on Election Day. Around 12:45 p.m. Nov. 9, 2022, The Senate races in Georgia, Nevada and Arizona are very tight, and vote counting is expected to drag into the week. The Associated Press also provides estimates for the share of votes reported, which are shown for races for which The Times does not publish its own estimates. But in an October interview with WENY News, he said that if elected his main focus areas will be improving education, creating a constitutional right to literacy, establishing school choice in law nationwide, reducing disparities in rural health care, and tackling the flow of illegal drugs into the country. , Kim Schrier, Democrat, wins re-election to the U.S. House to represent Washingtons Eighth Congressional District. Developed in conjunction with Joomla extensions. , Brian Kemp, the Republican governor of Georgia, defeated his Democratic challenger, Stacey Abrams, for a second time. released last week revealing that antisemitic incidents reached an all-time high in both New York and the country, Pinion called the situation both horrific and inevitable: For more information about Joe Pinions campaign, visit his, Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images/Joe Pinion III/Facebook. Nov. 9, 2022, Democrats and Republicans each need to win three more competitive Senate seats to win control of the chamber (in addition to the races they are expected to win most easily). , Gov. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. , Tina Kotek, a Democrat, fended off two well-funded challengers in the race for governor of Oregon. The reason we haven't elected a Republican to the United States Senate? He spent time as a youth development director at a Bronx health center, working toward increased college accessibility for children in the area, andchampionedclean energy solutions with DeployUS, a bipartisan climate action group. . ", NY GREEN GOBLIN SUBWAY ASSAULT SUSPECT ARRESTED, RELEASED WITHOUT BAIL. Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer were unanimously reelected leaders of the Senate Republican and Democratic caucuses, respectively. You've successfully subscribed to this newsletter! J.D. Pinion called the recently announced creation of the Biden administrations new Disinformation Governance Board aimed at tackling the spread of misinformation very bizarre given the countrys burning issues. These are counterfeit prescription drugs that are coming to Main Street, USA, courtesy of Chinese cartels that have teamed up with Mexican cartels and are bringing death to suburban and urban mothers alike, he added. Gov. Nov. 8, 2022, Gov. The polls are now closed in Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, New York, Wisconsin and several other states. New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does not know what her political future holds and that includes whether she might challenge Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in a 2022 primary. Market data provided by Factset. Maura Healey, the newly elected Democratic governor of Massachusetts is the first openly lesbian woman to be elected governor in the United States. In Colorado, a measure to decriminalize certain psychedelics is close but yet to be decided. But unlike red states, we have a policy of "innocent until proven guilty", so the traitorous alleged rapist can still roam free, tweet like a twit and run for president with the Putinists party. When youre looking at a harsh reality that everyday Americans cant afford to put gas in the car the American consumer paying $400 million a day more on fuel than they were when Joseph Robinette Biden placed his hand on the Bible these are the conditions that forced people to take off their political blinders and just confront the harsh reality, he added. I may be crazy, but Im not an idiot, he said. There is also an unexpectedly competitive Senate race in Utah between Senator Mike Lee, a Republican, and Evan McMullin, an independent. Pinion continued to highlight those issues most concerning to Americans, from inflation to corruption. Susan Wild, Democrat, wins re-election to the U.S. House to represent Pennsylvanias Seventh Congressional District. The Times estimates the share of votes reported and the number of remaining votes, based on historic turnout data and reporting from results providers. Nevadas Senate race is rated a tossup by the Cook Political Report. Under Schumers leadership, in partnership with President Joe Biden and the U.S. House majority, Democrats have passed a slew of major bills occasionally with some Republican support that have had or are projected to have significant impact on the country and state. At the debate, Schumer pointed to the covid pandemic as the key driver of supply chain problems and inflation across the globe, and outlined steps that he and the federal government have taken to bring down costs, such as movement on job-creation, capping prescription drug costs, and building renewable energy. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, a Democrat, won a tough re-election race against her Republican rival, Tudor Dixon. Pinion called to look at the numbers to understand the reality of Schumers standing. If your first impression of Joe is the same as mine, this could be a much more In Indiana, a House race in the 1st district leans Democratic, but, if the seat were to flip, it could be an early sign of a red wave. We look at the votes that have been reported so far and adjust our estimate based on what we expect from the votes that remain. Hes outperforming Biden across the state and is currently up 8 points in counties that were the closest in 2020. The only people that dont know it are the people who are so blinded by the history of New York politics, theyre not paying attention, he added. After mentioning the crises of poverty, crime, and educational failure in New York, Pinion asked Schumer about why he hasnt prioritized standing up for New Yorkers. Schumer discussed measures he has led on to address the issues Pinion mentioned, including, for example, the expanded child tax credit that he said he and many Democrats wanted to make permanent but Republicans were against. Schumers reelection ads often focus on his effort to Save Our Stages, the major federal funding that he secured to buoy performance venues from Broadway to comedy clubs and beyond. Pinion, asked about former President Trump running again, sidestepped the question to discuss his signature issue of education. Heres what the vote count could look like this year. WebRealClearPolitics - Election 2022 - New York Senate - Schumer vs. Pinion Lazaro Gamio Chuck Schumer, Democrat, wins the U.S. Senate seat in New York. Four counties all of which supported Trump in 2020 voted for Shapiro but chose Dr. Oz, the Republican, for the Senate. , In Nevadas race for governor, Joe Lombardo, a Trump-backed sheriff, beat Gov. . Alicia Parlapiano Maggie Astor , Mike Garcia, Republican, wins re-election to the U.S. House to represent Californias 27th Congressional District. Polls just closed in 19 states and Washington, D.C. Republicans have won in four of five New York tossup seats, and the Republican candidate is ahead in the fifth. The thesis of our campaign is if you are unhappy with the world as it is today, you cannot vote for the architect who built it.. I truly believe that when you look at the policies that have been rubber-stamped by Chuck Schumer policies that have never worked in the history of the world, the socialist bent that we see on the left, but more importantly, this attack on liberty, this attack on common sense, this attack on the core fundamental tenets that have always defined this greatest experiment in democracy in the history of the world I thought, if not now [then] when? he said. Maggie Astor President Joe Biden, who carried half of the states on this list in 2020, made official last week that hes running for reelection. Polling, Money, and the State of the RaceA Siena College poll of 707 likely voters released October 18 had Schumer leading with 57% of the vote compared to Pinions 37%. Since then, he has been a national spokesperson for RePublicEN, a right-leaning group that promotes free market ideas to tackle climate change. Steve Sisolak, a Democrat, and Joe Lombardo, the Las Vegas-area sheriff who was endorsed by Donald Trump. . Follow along after polls close. Source: Election results and race calls are from The Associated Press. The U.S. Senate candidate isn't well-known by most New Yorkers, but he's a political commentator, securing his own cable show on Newsmax which he left when he chose to run for office. Getty Images. He then called on voters seeking change to wake up and make a difference. Republican Joe Pinion, a former political news commentator who is challenging Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for U.S. Senate, discussed the burning issues facing New Yorkers and Americans today as well as his run for Senate in a race to change the trajectory of our politics.. Maggie Astor Races to watch include those in the 17th, 18th, 19th and 22nd Congressional Districts, as well as the contest for governor. Born in Yonkers and raised in New York most of his life, Pinion, after playing football for Colgate University, returned home to begin working in the nonprofit healthcare space. For more information about Joe Pinions campaign, visit his campaign website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Cisco Aguilar, a Democratic lawyer, defeated Jim Marchant, a leading promoter of election conspiracy theories, in the race to be Nevadas secretary of state. Nov. 14, 2022, Three Republican House candidates who have supported QAnon underperformed compared with Trump, despite most House Republicans outperforming the former president. Please consider supporting Citizens Union Foundation's public education programs. AOC running against Chuck Schumer for his US Senate seat." Senator Raphael Warnock of Georgia is one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the Senate. U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) talk to reporters after a group of senators and officials came to an agreement over the Biden administrations proposed infrastructure plan at the U.S. Capitol on June 23, 2021, in Washington, DC. , Where Senate Candidates Outperformed Biden and Trump. This is no longer a matter of black or white, rich or poor; all Americans are equally yoked here, he said. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tells progressive Senate candidates to stop running in primaries and funnels money and operatives to his centrist preferences. . Lazaro Gamio Nov. 9, 2022, John Fetterman, the Democratic candidate for Senate, won by a smaller margin than Josh Shapiro, the Democratic candidate for governor. Nov. 8, 2022, The Georgia Senate race, which could go to a Dec. 6 runoff, could determine which party controls the chamber. He criticized Schumer over high costs of living and limited economic opportunity, among other issues. We have not taken the business of unseating Chuck Schumer seriously.. The promise of Dr. Kings dream is vanishing! Nov. 8, 2022, Democrat Tim Ryan leads Republican J.D. Nov. 8, 2022, Its still early in Wisconsin, but it looks close. . Pinion's campaign said he looks forward to pressing Schumer on his "leadership failure," which he claims contributed to an "uptick in crime" and led to a rise in the number of New Yorkers moving out of the state. Pinion has raised just under $400,000 for his campaign and has spent nearly all of it. There's a Lot of Finger-Pointing Around New York Redistricting; What Actually Happened? Nov. 8, 2022, These charts show how the reported vote margin (the dashed line) compares with our estimated final margin (the solid line, surrounded by bands of uncertainty) over time. Jason Kao He holds commanding leads in polls and fundraising against his relatively unknown opponent, often faring far better in polling than his fellow Democratic incumbents in this years statewide contests. Democrats will gain a seat in the new Congress, retaining the power to advance the presidents agenda and his judicial and cabinet picks. We are so proud that Joe Pinion has stepped forward to accept this historic nomination to become our next U.S. , Republicans formally captured 218 House seats, a delayed yet consequential finish to the 2022 midterm elections. However the state already bans abortions, and that is unlikely to change. Heres how it works 2023 FOX News Network, LLC. ContactSarahat or onTwitter @Sjtaddeo. The polls just closed in North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia. Representative Sean Patrick Maloney has conceded defeat to Mike Lawler, a first-term Republican state assemblyman. This is the insanity that were dealing with when Jewish people are being beat in the theater district and the Senate Majority Leader for the nation comes back and effectively gives an all hate matters speech, he said. The man has been in Congress for 42 years; he has been in the Senate for 24 of those 42 years; he was in the New York state legislature for six years before that 48 years in government! he exclaimed. Alicia Parlapiano Schumer also successfully championed the CHIPS & Science legislation, to provide federal semiconductor manufacturing incentives, which facilitated Governor Kathy Hochuls Green CHIPS program that will create thousands of jobs in the state. Nov. 8, 2022, If Democrats hold onto two seats leaning their way, they will need to win three additional tossup seats to maintain control of the Senate. Montana voters rejected a proposal that would have required medical interventions to save those that the state defines as born alive infants. As an example, the former news commentator referred to the countrys current fentanyl crisis. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. Individual showings of Senate winners varied widely. Vance in the returns, but almost all of the results are early votes, which we expect to disproportionately favor Democrats. Apparently, even President Trump can see her potential, recently asserting that she would mount a challenge against Sen. Chuck Schumer and come out victorious. Facing Depleted Agencies, New York City Government Plans to Add 25,000 More Employees by June 2023. Nov. 8, 2022, Pennsylvania is home to a close Senate race between Lt. Gov. Nov. 8, 2022, Rural counties in Virginias 7th district are counting votes more quickly than its most populous and left-leaning county, Prince William. His forays into political officeincludea run for a state Assembly seat in Yonkers in 2018, which he lost to Democrat Nader Sayegh. At the end of the day, when we started looking at this race back in March of 2021, Chuck Schumer was polling at 37 percent with independents., Thats not my Joe Pinion opinion, that was the public polling crosstabs according to Siena College no friend of the Republican cause, he added. New York, the veteran senators home state, is the epicenter of the progressive movements efforts to oust , Greg Landsman, Democrat, wins U.S. House seat to represent Ohios First Congressional District. Jen Psaki lowers Dem expectations in the midterms during her first MSNBC appearances, Lori Lightfoot pleads with Gov. Its the 4th largest producer of wheat, 5th largest producer of corn, and one of the largest [world] producers of fertilizer., As a result, according to Pinion, everywhere from the continent of Africa to the Walmart aisle in Iowa, we are going to feel the price at the cashier in the grocery store.. Term limits are a must. President Joe Biden, who carried half of the states on this list in 2020, made official last week that hes running for reelection. Albert Sun However, he continued, if you believe that childhood is something worth protecting; if you believe that a New York State where 60 percent of the children do not read at the proficient level is unacceptable; if you believe that a Baltimore where 70 percent of the high schoolers are reading at an elementary school level is a moral abomination and akin to child abuse the actual real Jim Crow that is hidden in broad daylight here in America that Democrats dont want to talk about then join this coalition and help us raise the dollars but also help us knock on those doors.. . Nov. 8, 2022, Republicans must win just 19 competitive seats to retake majority control from the Democrats. They cannot do math at grade level, and the priority of the people who teach the math and teach the reading is to help children learn more about masturbation and 85,000 genders. Virginias Seventh District is one of three races in the state that could offer an early sign of whether the Democrats can retain control of the House. Accomplishing this would require her to outperform President Biden, who won nearly seven percent of the Republican electorate against Donald Trump in 2020, as well as Gov. At the time He claimed the current explosion in population is due to people illegally crossing the border while four million people wait in line legally to enter the U.S. If we want to have an influx in population, certainly we must start with the people who raised their hands, said they want to come here, and are following the laws to do so.. Ron DeSantis over Democratic opponent Charlie Crist by a margin of 11 percentage points. Having said that, New York is not a simple state to flip, but I dont believe that were coming to people with a traditional message and this most assuredly is not a traditional year, he said. While supporting term limits, Pinion expressed his belief that responsible leadership is the ultimate key. John Fetterman defeated the celebrity TV host Dr. Mehmet Oz, flipping Pennsylvanias Senate seat to the Democrats. Follow along here He's doing it because he recognizes that he has a real fight.. Ruth Igielnik Were getting results for ballot measures related to abortion and reproductive rights in Kentucky, Michigan and Vermont. Taking control of the governorship and both legislative chambers in these states could ease Democrats ability to pass legislation on an array of issues. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) isnt leaving anything to chance as he heads into his 2022 reelection campaign. In North Carolinas Senate race, Representative Ted Budd, a Trump-endorsed Republican, is very likely to win, according to our estimates. In Floridas closely watched governors race, Gov. We have to have that education process over the course of this campaign to let people know that they have a chance to have a choice and whether theyre left of Bernie Sanders or right of Donald Trump, Chuck Schumers fingerprints are on everything that is affecting their lives today and with their help, we can end that pain and suffering in Novembers race, he added. Lazaro Gamio Please consider becoming a digital subscriber. I am running for U.S. Senate to unseat Chuck Schumer! The Associated Press has not yet called the race. Pinion, on the other hand, pointed to the trillions of dollars in federal pandemic-response as a key driver of inflation. The prediction turned out to be correct, with Schumer winning around 71% of the vote and all but 5 of the state's 62 counties: Hamilton, Orleans, Wyoming, Allegany and Steuben . Polls are now closed in Hawaii. Reporting by Grace Ashford, Maggie Astor, Michael C. Bender, Sarah Borell, Sarah Cahalan, Emily Cochrane, Nick Corasaniti, Jill Cowan, Catie Edmondson, Reid J. Epstein, Nicholas Fandos, Lalena Fisher, Trip Gabriel, Katie Glueck, J. David Goodman, Blake Hounshell, Shawn Hubler, Annie Karni, Maya King, Stephanie Lai, Lisa Lerer, Jonathan Martin, Patricia Mazzei, Alyce McFadden, Jennifer Medina, Azi Paybarah, Mitch Smith, Tracey Tully, Jazmine Ulloa, Neil Vigdor and Jonathan Weisman; production by Andy Chen, Amanda Cordero, Alex Garces, Chris Kahley, Laura Kaltman, Andrew Rodriguez and Jessica White; editing by Wilson Andrews, Kenan Davis, William P. Davis, Kennedy Elliott, Amy Hughes, Ben Koski, Allison McCartney and Karen Workman. Your guide to the midterm results, from Times reporters, Democrats held onto or gained trifectas in a number of states and fended off Republican supermajorities in others.
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